Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rain Run

I left my building shortly after 7 this morning for a rain run. The rain was steady and the wind was blowing, but the weather wasn't December-like. Though it weighs but an ounce, I perspired under my bright yellow Puma windbreaker. My cap mopped up the warm mix of sweat and rain from my head as I bounded along the vacant path. I tried to keep the pace easy and only wanted to put in 5 miles (short-long-short-long). In no time I was done. I've run every day now for the past two weeks and this steady "on" seems to be helping so long as I take an easy day (today) every few days. Tomorrow I'll shoot for an hour or 9 miles...whatever it might be.

This might be my most boring post...but, at least I'm running.

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