Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday with the NBDP

I met four other guys from the NBDP this morning for a run up to Tilden Woods Park. We often venture here because it's an excuse to get off the roads. It's really not much of a park at all, but there are a couple of trails we frequent and, as noted, it gets us off the pavement. Not much to report except for the fact that this was the longest run I've done since coming back (8+ miles or so). Again, little to no pain and I'm quite excited about that. I'm starting to record actual mileage again which is both exciting and scary. I'm monitoring things carefully but I feel pretty damn good about how things are progressing. Most importantly, I'm excited about running again and have no qualms waking up early for runs (ie - this is not a chore right now).

Off to Massachusetts tomorrow...

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