Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving on Cape Cod

I arrived back home on Wednesday without much fanfare. I had time to throw some water on my face and then dash out the door to meet some friends for a get together at a local restaurant - a Thanksgiving Eve tradition. The evening ended with home brewed beer, foosball and pool - good times.

On Turkey Day morning I awoke and ran the Audubon Trails (photo) around my home and along cold coastal roads. The family of goats, usually locked away in a cage, were wandering about the property and huge pink pigs wiggled around in mud. Out at sea, white caps broke on bars while black ducks bobbed around beak back in the surf. Damn it's cold out. I felt pretty good and wanted to try out another test. It's exactly one mile from the main road back to my house so I checked the watch to see how fast I could go, without TRYING to run fast. I cruised down the street and kept my cadence relaxed. I had about 5 miles under me so I was plenty warmed up. I came back in a 5:48, which is not very fast at all, but it felt about right.

On Friday I ran my high school cross country course and made sure it was ready for the race the following day. This includes cleaning up fallen branches and the like and ensuring there are no major obstacles out there on or near the course (read homeless shelters). This was the 5th annual event and it attracts alumni from before my time and after my time. It's costs only a Lincoln to enter and the money goes to a different charity each year. This would be the second year that I was NOT running the race...both times as a result of some type of injury. I marked the course the next day with baby powder but I was itching to get off the trails. The undulating terrain wasn't especially great for my pelvis and I longed for flat pavement. The good news is that I continue to feel better each week, run more each week and feel more fit each day.
Sunday I am running "long" with some Cape Codders.

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