Tuesday, November 2, 2010


October, my favorite month, is gone. November is now here. Gone are the nice sunny, cool days. Instead we're replaced with the first throws of winter. Last November Maryland was dusted in 3-4" of snow, so colder days are right around the corner. I'm hoping to be able to crank out some good long runs before the feeling of fall completely dissipates, but again, I get ahead of myself...

I took Monday off since I really didn't rest that much on Sunday. On Tuesday morning I met the North Bethesda Distance Project for a pre-dawn run down the RCT. Newbies, Sam and Ryan joined Wiggy, Karl and myself. The average 5k PR amongst this small group must be around 14:40ish. Wow, that there be some talent. GRC recently gained what I've dubbed "The Four Horsemen" which includes Sam Luff (Cornell rad and 30:35 road 10k), "Outlaw" Jerry Greenlaw (Cortland, 30:30 track 10k), Ryan Hanson (Allegheny, 14:40 5k) and "Alabama" Paul Guevara (2:21 at TCM last month). Wow, that there be some talent. There might even be a few others coming out in the coming weeks with similar personal bests. I'm certain, if I can get back to 100%, that more PRs await next spring with training partners like this.

Okay...back to the run. I ran 36 minutes - the longest run I've done in about 9 weeks. I seem to be feeling fine albeit some minor residual discomfort, though I'll make more thorough notes of all this later when I get off the subway downtown.

In other news: 

Sarah says "don't water run" anymore, as this might counter might muscle progress. I agreed...of course.

WDC summer rankings came out and I think this is the first time I haven't been ranked since 2006 (fact check needed)

Sorry Ryan, all my blog posts can't be as interesting as the last.

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