Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Battle Rages

Like George W. Bush, I might have announced "Mission Accomplished" too early. But, Like the former president, I might have found away out of this mess -  a surge...

I was pretty frustrated walking around on Thursday. I wasn't in any pain, but I was miffed that I had had a relapse of sorts. As a prescribed rest day even before the "test", I took Thursday off and didn't run again until Friday evening. I laced up my shoes and stumbled out the door for a 30+ minute run. Ehhhh. Again, no pain, but I can "feel" the area of injury. Am I impatient? Probably, yes. Should I feel better by now? Not sure, but maybe not. 

I was scheduled to run from the Georgetown Store on Saturday morning with the team, but when I woke up, I still felt achiness. Sigh. By the time I strided along the Towpath things seemed to look up. At the Pigtail turn-around I left the main group and continued back south with Marren and Ernst. We picked the pace up ever so slightly and bombed down the CCT and then the Towpath back to Georgetown proper. For the first time, in a long time, I felt great. I covered 8.5 miles, which was actually a bit more than I wanted, but all felt more or less fine. 

An hour later I found myself in rural MoCo waiting for GRCer Shannon O'Neill to run by during the Stone Mill 50 Miler. I ran ANOTHER 2 miles with her/Bain and, upon finishing, felt rather good. I thought about nixing my Sunday run, but perhaps MORE running right now is less? Is a surge, albeit a controlled, easy, slow surge sans hills and speed work, the answer? We shall see...

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