Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Water Runner's Throat

I have developed what is hereinafter known as "Water Runner's Throat". The condition is a result of water running in an outdoor pool when the water temperature is above 80 and the air temperature below 55. The problem is enhanced when chlorine splashes down your throat. WRT was bad enough on Tuesday that I opted to skip the workout and instead burrow into my fox den with a hot toddy in hand. I felt better on Wednesday so I crawled back over to the pool for some more torture. The air was quite cool and I let out a small curse when I dipped into the pool. After 48 combined minutes of "on" I emerged and headed back to the hot shower. The young friendly kid who works the desk smiled and asked "Did you have a good workout?". I reached across the podium and grabbed the pepperoni pizza faced chucklehead by the collar and said "No. No I didn't. I don't enjoy any of this. This sucks. This pool sucks. You suck." I relaxed my grip, calmed myself, adjusted my hat and walked out. "See you tomorrow", I said before slamming the door behind me. I love this place.


RM said...

I had no idea what a "hot toddy" was until Usher's song came out. I figured it was some cool urban slang meaning some absurd thing involving sex with many, many women.

Imagine my disappointment when I learned what it really was, and how stupid the song became then.

KLIM said...

Wait, it isn't? I'll have to edit my post because right now it makes it seem as if I'm drinking tea with a splash of whiskey. Lame.