Thursday, October 28, 2010

Three Miles

I met the team last night for my first practice in 2 months. There was a fairly large group (10?) divided into 3 or 4 workouts and it was good to see so many guys (and a Lindsey) circling the track. I ran 12 laps by myself (aside from one lap with Charles Ban) and kept the pace easy. The 23 minute run was 5 minutes more than I ran on Monday. The slow, steady uptick continues. The result - my injury felt fine, though both my hammys were tight or sore likely as a result of not having run for so long. I consider this a "good pain"...I think? Sarah gave me some light 'string stretches to do...which, I did. I still feel a little awkward out there and I'm excited to run again on Friday, and on Saturday, easy. 

The next big milestone for me will be in about a week, which will be two weeks of on/off days. By then I hope to slowly creep back into my old routine so that I am back up to about 50 miles per week around the time I sit down and eat Turkey.

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