Monday, September 20, 2010

Back to Work?

I suppose I got to get back out there and do something. But, don't worry, I'm not running.

Over the weekend my upper leg felt stiff, like it does after I run. I try to keep off of it, but I got to live. Even a trip to the mall to buy some new clothes requires more walking than usual and causes the leg to ache a little. I told Sarah and she suggested I start water running again because my legs are use to running and the muscles are sore, or out of whack, because I haven't been running. And since I can't run, that means I head back to the stinkin pool. I had planned to start water running 2-4 weeks before I ran my first steps, but I guess I got to get out there earlier. My pool is unfortunately closed for the season, so I went for the first time to the Bethesda-Chevy Chase YMCA. I had a free day pass so I went in to see what it was all about. The water running area is about the same size as the space in my pool so I was in familiar territory. I had already eaten a full meal of roasted chicken, apple sauce and toast and I wasn't sure how this would play out. It was a tick after 8pm and there was a full moon that cast an interesting reflection in the pool below. I shrugged my shoulders and wiggled in. I had exactly an hour before the pool closed.

I received some workouts from Patrick Reaves (see below) who had been injured with a stress fracture in his foot a few years ago. Tonight I warmed up for 6:00, then did 6:30 on/1:30 off x 6, then cooled down for 6:00 = one hour. I averaged 5 laps for the first 5 "ons", but near the end I was just a tad slow. I would be lying to say I wasn't spent. It felt good for a change.

day 1: 6:30 on 90" off X 8
day 2 4'on 1' off, 3' on, 1'off, 2' on, 1' off X 6. You will see this as 4/3/2 with 1' in the future
day 3 3'/2'/1' with 1' off X 8
day 4 25x 1' on with 45 sec off
day 5 5x 8' on with 90 sec off, 6x 30 seconds on/off
day 6 6:30/90 x7, 1x 3 minutes all out
day 7 5x 1' on/off, 6x 4'on/1' off, 5x1' on/1'off
day 8 20x 90 sec on 1' off, 1x 6 min all out
day 9 4/3/2 X 6 1' revcovery btwn each
day 10 9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1 with 1 min recovery
day 11 4 on 1 off x 10
day 12 6/4/2 X 4 1' recovery
day 13 10' on 2 off X 5
day 14 24x 2 min on 1' off

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