Thursday, August 12, 2010

Water Running Continues

Water running seems to be going well. My arms feel huge as a result of all the upper body work I'm doing. Pretty soon I'll be able to beat people up and steal lunch money...something I've always wanted to do. I can't wait to find someone smaller than me. Andy Sovonick might work?

I tweaked my hip on Tuesday night either from stretching or from too much (or too intense) water running, so I kept Wednesday's morning session light. I was fortunate enough to be joined by Jake Marren who is also quasi-injured and/or must not have anything better to do. This evening even Karl and Joe might stop by too. My condo neighbors and fellow pool mates might wonder what type of cult I've got going; a bunch of weirdo "running" in a pool. I took Wednesday evening off as a precaution for the hip (and that seems to have done the trick). I was greeted with another pseudo tornado on Thursday morning so I had to nix my a.m. workout here as well.

Sarah wants to see me run so I'll head to a track on Friday night and do some laps. I haven't really noticed my injury in days, but I think it's still there. Lurking.

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Andy said...

If you wish to fight, a fight you shall receive.