Sunday, July 11, 2010

Turnaround Time

As I coasted down Zoo Hill my legs began to buckle. My right quad seized up and my face began to grimace. Then I laughed. This is ridiculous. Who does this? My stride worsened. I wondered internally, and then out loud, was this good for my legs or bad? Prairie dogs turned their heads and wondered too.

Soon we were on flat ground and my limp returned to a normal stride. I sighed with relief but longed to finish the run. My legs were hammered. Hamburger...but my legs were strong. The aches and pain were buried and I continued on my way. This must be marathon training. I finished up the 13.5 mile run and ended a 31 mile weekend and an 86 mile week.

On Friday night I submitted my Rockville Twilighter entry. Unless something dire happens this week, I plan to race. I need a race right now. I need to see where I am at. Despite this "need", I am still not going to rest for the race and will, instead, train straight through it. I need to keep my eye on the prize; the fall. If it's not too hot I hope I can be close to twenty five minutes. turnaround

Legs rest up. Legs heal. It's time to attack.

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