Thursday, July 29, 2010

Something Different

My life feels out of whack when I am not training. I go out a little more, I sleep in a little more and I feel a bit more lazy. I am out of my rhythm and out of my routine. Running keeps me in check and rounds out my day, without the daily dose of training I feel at a loss. However, I am channeling the emotion and hoping that this "vacation" will help me big time in two weeks time.

My leg/groin is feeling better but I have no idea if the strain is actually getting better. I continue to stretch and I am still seeking out a PT and/or sports med doctor that works with my insurance. I am confident I can kick this.


Towpath said...

I've been in that same waking nightmare for 2 months. The lack of running touches every aspect of my life, mostly in a negative way. Luckily, running commences this Sunday. Hope you dodge this bullet, like you have adeptly done in the past.

PS, I hope that fox lured the deer in and then went for the jugular.

KLIM said...

Yes, I enjoy the challenge though.