Tuesday, July 27, 2010


My groin/upper leg hurt all day on Monday. I couldn't put my finger on it. I headed out to join Charlie Ban for a run (because I can't get enough of that kid) but he was beat from his 100 mile week so he opted out after about a mile. I found myself alone running up Glover Archibold and enjoying the not-so-humid air. I felt my injury but, in a weird way, it was contained. I finally got to Massachusetts Ave and bombed down Embassy Row back towards Dupont. By now my groin was screaming - it msut have been the downhills. After an hour I found myself back at National Geographic, but by now there was a gimp in my step. By the time I picked up my bag and was heading home towards the metro, I was limping around like Igor. Damn it. I cursed myself the entire train ride and pondered my next move. It was to time to seek the advice from a professional. I do not want to end up with what AC Carr had (see comments on sidebar).

On Tuesday, although I did not run, I barely felt it. What's going on? I contacted some doctors in an effort to set up an appointment. Until then I stretch. I can't run. I must destroy this thing before it destroys me.


Joe Wiggy said...

This thing is really tricky. I bet my bottom dollar that it is something that is more nagging than serious from the sounds of the hot and cold days that you are getting. However, you need to nip it in the butt NOW. I am glad you are getting in contact with some doctors. it will all work out and you will be back out there in your form in no time. These bumps in the road/set backs or whatever you want to call them make you a better runner in the long run... and obviously more motivated to get back out there.

Nate said...

Hang in there Jake, it won't last forever.