Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday Scorcher

The sun beat down unmercifully. It was only five past 8am, but the temperature was already creeping up to 90 degrees. The humidity was atrocious. Before the end of the day the feels like temperature with the heat index would hover around a buck ten. Within minutes we were soaked to the bone and as each of those minutes ticked by, the sun rose higher in the sky. We winced through the sun and rubbed the sweat from our eyes. We looked for shade. Two miles into the run our crew of 10 stopped for water. We shook our heads and continued down the Towpath. Surprisingly the trail was packed with runners. Everyone was enjoying the jungle. We stopped for water again at the pigtail and it seemed as if no one was anxious to continue the slaughter. We did though, we always do. Away we went. Back along the Capital Crescent Trail our train sailed. Our shoes squished out sweat but other than that all was fine. 

My injury felt better today than it did yesterday but I only got in about 8 or 9 miles. Tomorrow I'll try running "long" (12).

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