Thursday, July 1, 2010


Per work stuff, I didn't have a chance to run on Wednesday morning prior to the afternoon workout. I rushed into work then rushed to B-CC for a simple ladder workout; 800-1600-3200-1600-800 (400 rest) (5k/10k/Half Marathon pace). I started the workout a bit conservative and ran 2:25 for the first 800m. This was probably the fastest my legs have moved since mid-April so I wanted to ease into it. The weather was absolutely gorgeous; no humidity and cooler temps. I ran a tad too fast in the mile (4:48) partly because I had warmed up and partly because Jake Marren was running a mile time trial just ahead of us. Dickson led the 2 mile. We clipped along effortlessly in 5:04 but around lap 5 my stomach started to burn. I did my best to stick on Dix's heals, but I began to fall back. My tummy continued to burn so I relaxed a bit and tried to run by feel. I hit the finish in 10:18, an ugly positive split, but I was more concerned with my stomach holding together. I took the next mile in stride and hit 4:52. My stomach was still burning, but it was only 5 minutes of running vice 10, so it held up okay. By this time my right hammy was tightening up. I credit this to running fast for the first time in 2 months. We ran 68 for the first lap of our last 800 then Wiggy took off. On the back stretch I tried to reel him in but he has ridiculous wheels. Karl came back on my shoulder on the home stretch and I attempted to roll with him to the finish - 2:12. By now my hamstring was really bothering me and I visibly limped during the walk/jog lap. The cooldown didn't fare much better and by Wednesday night I was hobbling about like Igor (from Frankenstein). Thursday might be a day off.

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