Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Calves Hurt

No calves, not calfs! My calves hurt, not my calfs. Please disregard the photo. Someone on my IT staff will be fired.

In any case, my calves hurt and I don't know why. I hope this is simply overuse and not some freak Achilles/calf thing (which I've had a few times over the past few years). This sort of comes at a good time because this coming week will be a down week. Last week I ran 87 miles and I've averaged 80+ for the past 3 weeks (since I geared back up). Last week was a good week and I am happy to be able to run close to 90 in this Cambodia-like weather. It's been brutal - the humidity melts your soul and soaks your shorts. It sucks. Bring back Snowpacolypse.

On Monday I ran an easy hour with Jake Marren. The humidity was atrocious. I saw grown men walking home from work whose shirts were completely wet with sweat...from walking. On Tuesday I met up with Karl in the morning for another grind up the Rock Creek Park Trail. We were both pretty beat, but we got it done. We always get it done.

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