Friday, May 7, 2010

Passing Away

I learned that Rob Magin (right) passed away last night. A devoted family man, Rob was stricken with a brain tumor/cancer - the same disease that killed Sen Kennedy. He'd been fighting it for a very long time and his friends/family were able to keep track via updates on CarePages. I first met Rob back in 2003 when I began training with the MCRRC. Coincidently he ran at my alma mater UMBC but graduated 10 years before I did.

Not much more to say right now. My thoughts and prayers are with the Magin family...

"My heart has joined the thousand, for my friend stopped running today. "
- Richard Adams Watership Down


Joe Wiggy said...

Rob was the first runner I met upon moving to Maryland. I met Rob at the Lake Needwood 10k in 2006. He was a very positive, kind hearted person and my prayers are out to the Magin Family...

Keith said...

I knew Rob was a good runner for UMBC. I ran into him in 1994 at the WMC (now McDaniel College) track. Then later that year - Rob, Alan & I were running roommates. At that time we were all single.
We went to races and loved the good times we had on the road locally or out of town. That same year, he met Jenn. The relationship was going well between those two. Then they fell in love.

He helped me in the journey of faith by giving me a Bible as a Christmas gift in 1994. I was searching and that is why he got me this gift. But I had so much respect for him that I could not do anything else but to receive it. The next year I received Christ and my life forever changed!

In 1996, I was there at their wedding and seen their family grow. They have three wonderful children. He was still running great for all these year until the tumor.

I would never imagine this would take his life. He was not just a great runner, but a great friend to me. I will really miss him. Rob meant so much to so many. A life well lived! He even handled the tumor with dignity. Rob left to be with Christ on May 6, 2010.

KLIM said...

Thanks for posting Keith. This was nice to read.