Monday, May 10, 2010

Jumping Back Into It...Slowly

I awoke on Friday partly hung over after four hours of sleep. I shook my head and cursed Scott Koonce as I was scheduled to meet him in about 20 minutes for an hour run. Damn you Scott. My legs felt fresh but my mind was tired. I ended up running about 8 and then crashed back into my bed.

On Saturday I met a core group of GRCers at the Store for 10 miles. We kept the pace steady, but not fast. It was good to see everyone again as I haven't been at the Store for a few weeks.

On Sunday I ran 12 with Joe, Karl, Dave and Jordan at Difficult Run. I forget how hard this place is...but it sure is nice.

I agree, this is the worst post I've ever done on the Red Fox blog. This is partly because I am tired and partly because my runs are uneventful right now.

I head west on the morrow for work and I don't expect to run much while there. In 10 days or so I'll be back and then I'll try to get back into it. For the time being this is all fine. By June 1 I will be hungry again.

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