Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wednesday Night Track

"This should be the last bad day", Dirk noted while looking up at the sky. A light rain fell and the weather was in the high 30s...not ideal for track. Despite the conditions, there were about 10 GRCers out for the workout (actually there were 3 different workouts going on). I hopped into a workout Karl had thrown out - 4x400 (200) x 3 sets (400 rest after each set). The goal was to start at 72s and cut down to 70s and then 68s...but we started much faster. I hit the first 4 in 69, 69, 68, 68 and felt quite comfortable. My next four were a tick faster - 67, 64, 67, 66 and my final four were - 66, 63, 65, 66. After a quick # 10, we decided to simply cruise the last two. I felt very good out there and we all seemed to surge on the last 100m of the straight-aways. It was good to get something fast under the legs. No stomach pains this time around. 10.5 for the night.


Andy said...

May Dirk be correct.

Towpath said...

The Czech Locomotive.