Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I ran an easy 9 with Jake Marren on Monday evening. Nothing much to report except for the fact I felt pretty good. My legs were still a little achy, but I felt much better than I did a few days ago. I ran by the spot where John Hinkley attempted to assassinate Reagan back in 1981 (corner of T/Florida/Connecticut), which I tend to run by most Mondays. I never knew this was a location of interest until I saw a video about the assassination the other day. It makes you wonder how many other historical spots we pass as we trek through the capital on a daily basis.

The next morning I ran another 9 with Karl. When I finished I felt it seems like this "tired leg syndrome" is passing. Karl is also past his "high tide mark" in mileage, so we've both been a little achy, especially at 7am.

On Wednesday morning I ran with a guy who lives in my building. The pace was super slow (40 minutes for 5?), but in retrospect this was great for my legs. I need to run these sort of runs nice and easy. I saw a bulb sneaking out of the ground. Spring is near. Track workout tonight...

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RM said...

Hinkley Hilton...mad famous point of interest. My friend lives there at 1825 Florida so I usually park by it