Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Coming Storm

I decided to nix my morning run so that I could fully recover from the cold. When I got home from work I bolted out the door and ran a steady 10 miles. I ran to Cell Phone Field and bounded through the snow like a hare. I felt excellent and had to reign myself in from hammering too hard on the icy roads. It felt good to push and I realized while doing so that I don't push enough. Perhaps it is because I am running more in the mornings than in the evenings and when I run in the mornings I am running to get it done, not to workout per se. I am simply too tired to crank that early. Daylight Savings Time will come in a few weeks and that will change all of that.

The NWS predicts upwards of 24" of snow to fall between Friday and Saturday. I am working from home tomorrow and will try to the long run in on Friday morning and get the other mileage in whenever I can. It's hard to predict what exactly will happen in terms of the weather, but my body is comfortable putting in a double here or there in the snow. Frankly, I won't have much of a choice.

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Charlie Ban said...

That barn is all effed up