Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ross Drive Almost Broke My Heart

Christiam, Bain and I negotiated our way to THE LINE the day after Washington's worst blizzard in recent memory. Beach Drive is basically the ONLY place to run when it snows out. Though, when we got to THE LINE, we saw an non-plowed Beach Drive. We sighed and then began to trudge down the road hoping (praying) that the road would be clear just a mile ahead. We trudged through 20 inches of powder for 3/4 of a mile and were exuberant when we saw black pavement beaming in the early morning sunlight. Shortly thereafter we ran into Max Lockwood, running down from Adams Morgan. We planned to meet somewhere on Beach Drive, but I didn't expect it to be this easy. Together, we marvelled at the snow-soaked trees and nodded approvingly at other hearty souls braving the elements. Up ahead we spied Jake Marren and he too joined our pack. Once we got to Ross Drive, Christiam, Bain and I decided to loop around and head back to our car. Our other two friends continued south. Our plan was to attack the Ross Drive hills instead of sticking to the pancake flat Beach Drive. Unfortunately for us, Ross was not plowed. Our trio soldiered on anyway. We climbed and climbed and our lungs burned. I mopped my sweaty brow with my mitten and inched closer and closer back to main road. After 20(!) minutes of heartache we finally got back to pavement. My entire body was exhausted. It was the toughest section of running I've ever done during a training run. My entire body ached. If the snow were any deeper, I think it would have been impossible for us move onward. I only got in 10, but it was another epic run.

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