Monday, July 27, 2009

Riley's on Sunday

I met about 10 peeps at Riley's Lock on Sunday morning for a long run. My legs were pretty tired from the race so I kept the pace easy. I even let the pack go at one point, something I never seem to be able to do in a long run, but caught back up when the pack slowed down. The towpath was super muddy and our legs were caked with muck and soaked with puddle water. I got in about 16 miles before hanging up the shoes and soaking in the surprisingly cool, brown water of Seneca Creek. I ended up the week with 83.5 miles.

I ran with Karl and Bain from B&N after work. We did the Canal-CCT Bridge Loop (a route name I just made up) and my legs continued to feel beat. Again, the pace was chill. We talked marathon stories. At the end of the run I saw my good pal Jim Hage as he was running home from Chevy Chase. Ended up with 10.5.

I was thinking of racing a mile in Arlington on Wednesday, but have pretty much decided against it. I've raced a lot over the past few weeks and I have a BIG race in 2 weeks, so I think it's smart to take it a little easy, get the miles in and get a good workout or two. I plan to uptick the mileage this week before a minor taper next week.

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