Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wrap Up

On Monday I ran an easy 10 with Bain. I discovered (for myself) a new connector trail during the group run on Saturday that takes one from the MD/DC line along the CCT (near the Aqueduct) to Lock 5 along the C&O Canal. Hereinafter known as the “Border Trail”, this connector is the running equivalent to the Northwest Passage. Now I can get to the Canal from Bethesda in approximately 25-30 minutes and don’t need to run all the way down to the Capital Crescent Bridge near Arizona. Anyways, Bain and I ran down the trail and ran south along the C&O before running back up along the CCT via the bridge. We kept the pace VERY easy – 7:15s. I felt much better near the end of the run.

I ran an easy 4 miles on Tuesday morning. The first mile was run mostly over moist woodchips on a “fitness trail” near my building. When it isn’t muddy, this is a great surface to run on. It’s also shaded. I felt pretty good but kept the pace easy. In the afternoon I met Bain for a 10 mile run. We ran north/east along the CCT. We bumped into Reaves (who was donning a sweat suit) and Valerie before finding our way to the LINE at Rock Creek Park. We cut down the never ending Western Ave and met up with the GRC CC crew for a mile before cutting back towards Bethesda on the all too familiar CCT.

I jogged an easy hour this morning capping off 33 miles in about 36 hours. I am close to 90 over a 7 day period and should be mid-80s this week. I am quite content with this. My legs are definitely tired, but I feel strong. I remember this feeling from February/March. I touch my toes a couple of times in the shower, clap, then smile and think that that is enough stretching…very foolish. I know I need to hit the foam roller again and work out all the kinks, but slothfulness prevents such measures.

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