Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday Workout

I ran an easy 5 in the morning before heading to the track in the afternoon. The plan was to run 2 x 800m at (goal) mile pace...or 2:09/2:06 (ie - second 800m faster than the first). Dirk and Reaves led the first 300m and got me to 400m at 64.5 - perfect. I came through the 800m in 2:09 and was pleased with the effort. I felt good; not too tired, but tired enough. I jogged a half mile and then hit my second 800m. Again, Dirk and Reaves led the charge for the first 300m and I hit 400m this time in 63. I wanted to hit the line in 64, but whatever. I pushed the final 300m and ran 2:04 which surprised me a bit. I seem to be able to run 60-62 for a final 400m in most of my workouts so far this spring. In retrospect, perhaps I should have cut the rest in half? I did this workout in college when I was in the best mile shape of my life and ran 2:07/2:08 (I think), but I can't recall the rest....NEVER MIND, I just looked it up - 2:07/2:07 with 400m rest. NUTS! Too much rest. I guess I should have looked at the old log before the workout. Whatever. I am ready for this mile.

I will run an easy hour tomorrow before flying to Cape Cod in the evening. Time for a vacation.

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