Friday, June 12, 2009

Grinding Forward

I ran with Bain on Thursday evening and my legs felt like hamburger thanks to the workout the night before. I thought after 24 hours I would have been recovered more, but I guess not. My last 400m of my last mile was fast, but I definitely kept it controlled…though it is clear that it whipped my legs a bit. Hence, Thursday was a struggle and the humidity made it all even worse. I showed Bain some of the trails I discovered, but I don’t think he was impressed. The trails had grown in and were covered with patches of slick, thick muck. It sucked. Bain did however agree that a certain tunnel we spied in the woods, might be worth exploring on some future adventure. “There might be gold in there or some shit”, he said. I countered, “Or Sloth”.

I had to drag myself out of bed and run on Friday morning. I felt equally as crumby as I did the night before. My legs ached and my body felt stiff. Corona poured from my pores. Sometimes I feel like Stanley Livingston blazing away on these early morning trail runs with all the mud and spider webs along the creek. I loosened up, but kept the pace very slow.

Still, I was happy to get in 19 miles in 12 hours. I am hoping to get in 18ish tomorrow before a wedding in rural Virginia and maybe 12 on Sunday morning.

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