Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Another nonchalant run down the Capital Crescent Trail in which I looped around the Washington Aqueduct via the Palisades Trail. I got in a bit over 10.5. The trail was very muddy and I damn near lost my shoe in the muck. The area near the waterfall at Fletcher's smells like a dead body and I can't run through there fast enough. I felt okay today and was able to keep the pace somewhat reserved. During this downtime, without running heavy mileage, races or workouts I've had a problem running easy. My pace usually settles at 6:20-6:30 whereas my "easy" pace during high mileage settles around 6:50-7:10. Today I kept it at 6:45s. It's a minor difference, but noticeable. At least it's something to think about while I'm running around.

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