Friday, May 29, 2009

Rain & Mud

In my quest to hit 70 this week, I put in 11.5 last night but only mustered a dismal 7 this morning.

Last night I ran a good chunk of the run with Reaves. He was decked out in running pants and long sleeve while I wore barely a loin cloth. It was humid and he apparently is acclimating himself to the inevitable heat/humidity coming this summer. We trashed through Rock Creek and got nice and muddy. I "showered" in my work bathroom after the run...the problem is my work bathroom does not have a shower.

Moving on...I felt terrible this morning. There were millions of puddles and mud just about everywhere. Normally this is "fun" and fine, but after days and days of running in the rain it starts to get old. Again, I tried my best to keep the pace slow and relaxed.

It seems as if 75% of all my runs are miserable. It's still worth it though.

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