Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tips from He-Man

I can't believe I grew up loving this show


Snizow said...

My highlights:

The vixen at approximately 2:10 looks like Drew Barrymore, especially when she turns to the side! She also WINKS AT ME at approx 5:40!

"Someone could end up losing a finger or an arm, or even an eye! And no joke is worth that, is it?"

He-Man gives advice on beach safety.

Ghost in red robe that sounds like an elderly lady talking into a voice-disguiser gives advice on treating animals with kindness.

"It's what's inside that really counts."

"Remember, be good to your body, and it'll be good to you!" 6:02

Yeah, I can't believe I was addicted to this show either. Makes me want to watch some old Knight Rider or Transformers episodes and see what gems can be found!

RM said...

He-Man was definitely the show...although Prince Adam and Cringer had a weird little thing going on. But when Cringer became Battlecat, it was on.

My favorite cartoon clips are the Thundercats OUTTAKES that you can undoubtedly find on the interweb somewhere. The voice-actors are cursing, making fun of their lines. The best is when Panthro goes "what the f*** is a sonophlange?"