Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shoot Days

As most readers know, I work in television - documentaries specifically. When I first got into this business I traveled more and did a lot of ridiculous things; searched for Mojave rattlesnakes in the deserts of southwest US, looked for dead bodies in US Coast Guard helicopters, met the voice of "Boots" the monkey from Dora the Explorer, and interviewed veterans from forgotten battlefields, schizophrenics, people who know the weather and an assortment of other characters. It's very fun and very interesting, but it's terrible for running. You're often working long days, eating terrible food and rarely getting a chance to drink the water/fluids you usually would.

I'm currently working on a TV series for the History Channel called "LOCK N LOAD" that stars "Gunny" R. Lee Ermey ("Mail Call", "Full Metal Jacket" and others). You can likely imagine what this series is about. Anyways, today I joined the crew (who is working/traveling for 22 weeks straight!) at Quantico Marine Base for a shoot with pistols. The Gunny was a trip and a fun guy to hang out with. The Marines love him and he loves the Marines. After the shoot we ventured to Outback Steakhouse. It was 5pm and we hadn't eaten lunch yet so we gorged on food. Waitresses sit on his lap and take pictures while we eat and he says "Jake, aren't you glad your with the Gunny?". I nod and tip back my drink. I kept glancing at my watch wondering when I was going to run. My beer came. Then my food came. Then another beer came...then a desert platter was brought out. I waddled out of the restaurant, said my goodbyes and then made my way to Prince William Forest for a run. Running after eating/drinking is terrible, but I just wanted to get it done. I only ran 5 miles but it was better than zero. This is a down week for me anyways, in anticipation for the end of my season.


RM said...

Jake, that's a pretty sweet story. R Lee is great in so many movies, including whichever Pre movie that is, and Saving Silverman. Ha.

Also I read a little news article about him recently, about how he was in the Dakotas or Montana or something and found a bunch of money, then deposited it at the bank for whomever had lost it. Pretty cool dude.

KLIM said...

Yes, that was my shoot (in Montana)...for this series. Somehow that made its way to the AP

Peter said...

In college, I once ran an evening xc meet after being boom operator all day on a student film. I actually ran okay but I agree it is tough to run and work on set. Thats one of the reasons I decided to go into post-production instead of production.