Friday, March 20, 2009

The Return of the Color Green

Although the temperatures might not be ideal, spring has definitely returned in, at least, color. Last evening I noticed, for the first time, the shamrock green color that lined the roads and bike paths. I ran down the CCT before ducking up though the MacArthur/Tunnel Trails (new name coined me me) and heading down MacArthur. I then explored the DC Powerline Trail...but I didn't want to get too far into it because yesterday (and today) was scheduled to be an easy day. Has anyone (Towpath Silverman?) out there run much of this? It seems pretty cool, but I fear it might not go for very long? It's the trail that crosses over Arizona and tunnels its way between houses and baseball fields. We ran part of the other end from the Gtown Store last weekend.

Tomorrow I have an "all out" mile scheduled. This will be very interesting. Last summer I ran a 4:25 with little workouts (i.e. - on strength not speed). I've definitely run more mile-speed workouts this winter so I am hoping to run the first 1/2 mile in 2:10...then try to dip under 4:20. If I do this, it will be a PR. I would be ecstatic if I broke 4:20. This would almost be ridiculous. When I ran 4:20 (back in 2002 indoors at the NYC Armory) I was definitely in quick shape (1:56 800m speed). That indoor race was won by Kip Bitok (then running for Syracuse). I predict a 4:22 or 23. I've hired a rabbit named Diego to pace me for a 2:42 1000m. One of Nate Timm's high schooler might also show and run the first 800m (in 2:10). There will also be an AP man snapping pictures.

This is the last major "workout" before the track 5k next weekend. I am now starting to really wind down. Cherry Blossom is just 15 days away now. It is time to trust your fitness. After the 10 miler, I will need to regroup and maintain my fitness for 3 weeks before entering PHASE II of the spring racing season (Pikes Peek and Broad Street).

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Peter said...

It's called the Palisades trail. It runs from the glover archibald trestle to the Washington Aqueduct.