Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Real Fast

On Tuesday I ran a moderately hard 7 miles. I ran late in the evening and had the attitude to "just get it done quickly" so that I could partake in St. Patrick's Day festivities...but that never came to fruition. Hungry and down, I just returned home post-run and ate a huge meal. F it!

I ran an easy 5 on Wednesday morning and then got ready for a tough workout in the evening. The planned workout was 6 x 400m at a pretty quick pace; not all out, but pretty fast. The catch was the rest, only 1 minute (or simply a shuffle for 100m). No longer than a minute rest. Diego (who was foolish enough to join me) and I decided we would try and hit the first 3 in 65 seconds and then try to turn it on. He would pace me for the first 3 reps. I donned spikes for the first time since my 3k and we blasted off...29 at the 200m. Way too fast, but it felt like a 35. Boy, is my pacing off. We eased a bit and came through in 61. Not bad, 1 minute later we went again - 63. Okay, that's a little better, still fast, but let's stick with it. We hit another 63 then a 64. I wanted to push my 5th hard, but only mustered a 61. By now I was hurting. Diego took the last rep out well under 30 (I was at 30) and I crumbled home in a 63. I left it on the track and was now I O2 debt.

Good workout.

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