Sunday, March 1, 2009

RACE REPORT - 5K Time Trial

I ran a 5k time trial yesterday (2/28) on the track. I was going to run a rust buster 5k road race today, but decided against it when I heard the course ran through rolling bike paths and wasn’t that accurate. Instead, I enlisted a motley collection of individuals (buccaneers, raiders and townspeople) for a 5k time trial to be held at the University of Maryland track.

Recruited were Patrick Reaves, Bert Rodriguez and the Spaniard Diego Miralles. Also present were Nate Timm (running a two mile) and the support team of Murphy & Bain. There were some others who were going to race but for some reason or other they pulled out. The lofty goal was to break 15:00 - something none of us had ever done, but something we all could do maybe if things went right. I thought by running even splits for 2.5 miles and then “going all in” I could crank out a big PR?

We agreed Bert would lead our efforts for the first 800m. We went out a whisker too fast (69) but then settled into pace. I ran up alongside Bert after 1200m and asked if he wanted me to take over, but he declined my assistance. It was pretty windy, so I tucked back behind. Fine by me. I suck at pacing anyways. We rallied and hit lap after lap after lap just under pace/at pace…until just before 2 miles (9:37 at 3200m). Then the wheels came off. Maybe not all the wheels, but at least one…like that f’ed up shopping cart you get at the grocery store that has only two and a half wheels.

Bert rallied and got back on pace. Meanwhile, I let the demons inside me say “don’t worry, you can slow down and catch up later”. That never happens, but it always seems like a good idea, so that is what I did. Stupid. The demons always whisper such enticing suggestions when you’re begging for relief. The demons want you to fail…

I kept hammering away but was falling off…little by little. I got back on my feet in the last 600m but it was far too late. I ended up running a PR (15:12) but well off my goal. Overall I was a second off per lap, but I lost most of that time in the last mile clicking away 74/75s in lieu of 72s. It was a good rust buster, but I wasn’t too happy. I would have been content if I had run 15:07 or so, but what can you do. Someone told me yesterday that I would not have been happy if I had run 15:07…and might not even be content if I had run 15:03. He is likely right. I also think there is nothing wrong with that.

A year ago I would have been ecstatic to run 15:12 in a time trial at the end of February, but we must seek greater things.

The GOOD: this came after my highest week of mileage ever (100), the weather was less than ideal (35 and windy), this was not a “race” per se, I wore flats and NOT spikes because of my sore achilles and most importantly I am not in peak form. My legs are tired and heavy from the work and I’ve been doing and I look forward to coming back in a month at UMD’s home meet and smashing 15:00. Additional photos HERE

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