Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Run

I met a bunch of GRCers at Riley's Lock for a long run. I ran with the group for about 10 miles before succumbing to stomach issues. I stopped and thought of running a 1/3 mile in the other direction to take care of the issue at the Outhouse Outpost in the middle of nowhere, but instead decided to press the extra 2.5 miles back to the cars. This would keep me from trying to stick with the lead pack. We'd been picking it up and I made the mistake of running too fast after my 3k in January and beat my legs up pretty good...I did not want to repeat myself after running the mile yesterday. I shuffled it in, hit the restroom at the parking lot, and continued on my trek. It was one of my better long runs in awhile. My legs were achey but I felt super strong. I finished the week with 73 miles.
I am officially in my taper starting tomorrow (though I've been dipping down since February). Instead of running 10 miles, I'll stop at 8 giving my legs the feeling of wanting more...or at least use to more. Next week I will only running btwn 60-65. The week after closer to 60.

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