Saturday, March 28, 2009

FLASH - 5k Results

Unfortunately NOT what I was hoping for...


I've been gearing up for this race for 2 months (maybe a mistake on my part) and I was really hoping to run out of my mind today...especially after the taper.

Race went out slow (73-74), I took over pace duties at 600m and then shared the lead until a little after two miles. Richy Booth (UMD) and a Bucknell guy (who helped with pace duties) surged to the lead with a mile to go. They gaped me. I put the legs into overdrive with a 1000m to go. With 500m to go, I had decreased the real estate. With 400m to go Diego stormed past me like Jesus Christ wearing spikes. He caught Booth with 250m to go. I caught Booth with 100m to go and drove to the finish. In the final strides another guy whisked past on my right. 4th place. In the final 400m I went from 3rd, to 4th back to 3rd and then finally 4th.

Diego 2nd (15:03).

MORE...definitely not a great time. Though, not a terrible effort. I ran 4:51, then 9:39 and I felt like I really powered my last 3 laps...though this might not have been the case. I wish there were more people in the race, running a faster pace. I think I would have run better if this were the case. I have no right to quip, however, since I finished 4th. This race will be an afterthought if (or when!) I run well at Cherry Blossom next Sunday.


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