Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday Workout

I ran an easy 5 this morning after only 6 miles yesterday. I felt/feel much better. The cold is going away and I am going to attempt to hit the workout tonight. My legs at least feel fresh. If I am dying after repetition # 1, I may jump ship, but as of now I think I can make the marks.

Well, that’s what I said this afternoon. The workout was harder than I thought. It wasn’t brutal but given the fact that most of us had a 12K XC race under our legs and I was coming off a cold, the times weren't coming easy. The plan was to run 3 x 1600m @ 5k pace with 400m rest. Ideally starting at 4:50 and working my way down. I started out instead at 4:53...then 4:55 and then 4:54. Diego blazed the last 1600...must have been 4:45 or so. I just couldn't go with him today. In the end I didn't implode, and am content given the fact I'm in not at 100%. All is fine.

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