Friday, February 27, 2009

Run, Race or Rest?

Per my achilles, I am trying to decide whether I should race the 5K time trial tomorrow, run today or simply not run at all on either day.

If I race the 5K tomorrow, I will no doubt set a 5K PR. If I don't break 15:00, I will come close. I am in fine shape and my ailments won't hinder my efforts. HOWEVER, racing the 5K could hinder my efforts to train for more important things further down the road. If I race, I won't be able to wear spikes as they could aggravate my achilles.

If I run today, the achilles won't get any better and it could get worse...unless of course the pain miraculously disappears later this afternoon. I am icing and Adviling but think a day off is in order.

Decisions, decisions.

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