Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rest Up

After thinking and geeking around with calculators, excel sheets and abacuses all night, I’m even happier with my workout results. The weather last night was less than ideal (25 degrees and a 10 mph wind) and I’m in the middle of my highest mileage month of my 14-year running career. Each rep was faster than the last and I held relatively even splits throughout. I’ve never been a very good track runner and have never been good at hitting times when doing workouts…especially on longer reps (I am always very close, but had issues running even splits). I should also note how nice it was to have Sam and Diego packing it up and keeping the pace honest. This, in all likelihood, is what made the workout so easy. In a few weeks, with my taper and in warmer weather, I should be really to roll.

I am taking the day off. No running. My last day off was January 5th…when I spent twelve hours at the Denver Airport. My hip is a little sore today, and I feel as if a run might do me some good, but I’m going to stay off the crack (err, roads) for one day. I need a mental break. Tomorrow I’ll run an easy 10 miles. Saturday I’ll attack.

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