Friday, February 6, 2009


The gun will go off in about 24 hours…then all hell will break loose. The strategy: get tough and stay tough. Fight like hell and push through the mud. Once I get settled, I don’t want to let anyone pass me. Here is where the men get separated from the boys.

I haven’t run since Wednesday night and plan to run for an hour later this afternoon/evening. I’ve found much success taking a short hiatus from running before a big race. At the end of a taper (especially preceding a marathon), I have no qualms about taking 3 days off. Today, my legs feel very refreshed, but I do still notice an irritation in my left hip. Again, I attribute this irritation to NOT running. Either way, the hip has never had any effect on any race results.

Pictures are from USATF XC Club Champs in December 2007 (Ohio). Note that loser Bert on the far right of the top picture, but not around in the bottom picture (finish).

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