Monday, February 23, 2009


My run today resembled the Baatan Death Marth. As soon as I started I knew it would be a shuffle...only I never warmed up and instead felt as if I was running myself into oblivion. There were points where I felt like sleeping along the bank of the one point I thought I could pass out on my feet. I get plenty of sleep and even took a brief nap this afternoon (don't ask!) so this must be a result of the mileage. I only mustered 8 miles and then contemplated sleeping until the next morning in my parked car..before realizing I'd miss 24 if I did that. I hope tomorrow is better.


Daniel Weston said...

I know how you feel! I had 9 hours sleep last night and I'm sure I could have slept for 13.

Melissa said...

Ditto. I think the only thing to do is slow down on your easy runs and try to get a little more sleep (if Puddy cooperates, that is).

KLIM said...

Puddy does not let me sleep(example - he flew to me 4x this morning in bed...2x with a hen in tow). It is hard to sleep with a cockatiel dancing across your cheek.

I ran 7:30+ miles yesterday. Will run an easy 10 today and hopefully will feel recovered enough for a good workout on Weds.