Saturday, January 3, 2009

Boreas Pass...Again

It snowed all last night and into the afternoon. There is nowhere to run up on these mountain roads unless you venture down to the town of Breckenridge and the busy streets and icy sidewalks aren't too inviting. I opted again to head out on the Boreas Pass Trail. Today the trail was packed with XC skiers and snowshoers. Running was brutal but not as bad as yesterday. Maybe I'm getting accustomed to the altitude? There was 2-4" of fresh powder on the trail and the landscape was painted white. The views are spectacular and I got a chance to run past aspen trees. I ran out for 30 mins and then bombed back doing 45 seconds on/off. Got back in 25 mins and added another 5 for an hour in the snow. I love running in the snow.
Tomorrow I head to Laramie, WY. Land of high winds and cowboys.


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RM said...

You know the Indians actually call it "Mil-a-wau-kay", or "the good land"