Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Flashback: 2007 Vets Day 10K Video

Videos c/o Christiam Camacho ("Double C").

There is no real reason for sharing these videos other than the fact I just learned about the "add video" function. Since Vets Day is the next big race around (sans MCM), I thought I'd post them. Below is an excerpt from my race report that day. The videos above match the final few sentences in the paragraph below.

"...I hit mile 5 alone in 25:39 but found a new gear. My stomach was hurting but my legs were fine and I began to go. I caught up to Mammen and didn't stick around to see how he was doing...instead I went right by. There were three strung out ahead of me and I thought I could get them all. Not long after I began to tie up and then Mammen passed me again. Shit...I was losing it. With about a half mile to go I could see Bert had broken away from Asefa...Baillie was now closing in on Asefa. Now Mammen was going after Asefa. I dug deep and came up to the bridge...there was about a 1/2 mile to go and I came up on Mammen again. "C'mon Mammen, let's go" I muttered. he responded with a nod. I could tell he was hurting but so was I. Someone called out 10 and 11th (place) and I knew top 10 win money. I sat on Mammen's shoulder and with a 1/3 of a mile to go I started to drive. I ran like hell and caught Asefa about 200m from the line. I was in 9th...but 10 secs later Asefa passed me back.

I ended up in 10th...same place as last year but 50 secs faster in 31:56. My last mile was my I am happy about that. I felt as if I were going to throw up during the last 1/2 was very painful. I was happy for running my goal, but I felt terrible. I was completely whipped, but pleased. I felt terrible for the next 4 hours."

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Peter said...

On the 2nd video down, 18 seconds in, I am seen sitting on the sidewalk, taking pictures as you pass by, wishing I were in good enough shape to be out there racing. What a difference a year makes.