Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Taper

My friend Matias Palavecino, who I frequently seek counsel from in all things running, said it best - "enjoy the taper". It's a very simply statement, but it's also brilliant. The taper is like a vacation. You work and work and work and slave away at your job so that you can eventually enjoy some much needed time off. I work so that I can vacation, just like a run so that I can rest. The taper enables me to go home at the end of a work day and turn on the tube in lieu of my standard 10 mile run...or head out to happy hour, see a friend...or do ANY of those things you normally can't do because you are usually running.
My non-running friends are always asking me to come out and do such-and-such. My normal response is "I'd love to go out to that party where there will be free food, beer and (insert other vices here), but I have". If you take a step back and think about it you'll realize it's pretty damn lame...while at the same time pretty damn necessary.
I definitely enjoy my taper. The lack of running helps me mentally in addition to physically. I feel more rested, therefore I am more rested. Last night I had to keep slowing myself down as to make sure I took it's really a great problem to have. Last spring on the Sunday long run before the marathon, Matias declared to our group "you should all be locked in cages" as to suggest we were all running too fast due to the fact we weren't running that much mileage. During his taper, Matias forced himself to run on a treadmill so that a machine dictated how fast he would run. Brilliant!
By the end of this post readers will think I have a man-crush on Matias...that is simply not true. I like red heads.


Matias said...

I think a lot of us are faced with the same scenario... asked by friends/family why we're always running around, what's the point of all the madness. Give it up already!!

I think the statement on the GRC blog tells it all, we want to become great athletes, see what we're made of during the peak athletic times of our lives.

I had a lady friend call me out once though, helped me come to a realization. When asked to go out after work, I gave the "well, I need to go run" answer. After a long pause, she yells at me "You dont HAVE to go run, you are choosing to run. You are choosing running over me."

Damn, made me feel like poo.

Then I went to go run :)

Made me realize though that we don't have to go run, we are choosing to hit the roads and there are other things we could be doing. Not that I enjoy every workout and every race I complete, but the good ones outweigh the others.

Matias said...

Guess what I was trying to say is I choose to workout, I like working out. I'd rather be surrounded by a group of runners on the canal than a group of douche bag frattys at the bar.

Peter said...


JARRIN said...

PS - Matias IS a red head as the chlorine has changed his natural hair color to an amber tone with frosted tips...just like it's changing mine; so no funny business Mr. Klim.

JARRIN said...

PSS - Matias: she must have been super boring or not an athlete or both.

Katie said...

I have a crush on Matias ;)

I need to listen to him more. I have a fear of taper. I am afraid to let up on my training, if I do not race well I feel as if the taper was a waste.

BUT...we need to have down times to have peaks...can't go forever. is kind of like if you don't make your easy times EZ then you won't be able to go hard when you are supposed to...then you are just halfwaying all the time...and therefore you are really getting no where.

Working on it....


Matias said...

Hey YOU!

From GRC to Red Fox, Klim brings people together.

RM said...

What are "non-running friends"?

KLIM said...


Ryan - I assume you know and that was a joke? Good one.