Friday, September 19, 2008

The Calm Before the Storm

Philadelphia - September, 2008
On Sunday some of the top runners in the world will descend upon the City of Brotherly Love to claim the title of Philadelphia Distance Run champion and to secure a "phat" pay check. Fifty to sixty runners back will be me attempting my own personal glory; attempting to break 70 minutes for 13.1 miles. On paper, it appears as if I can do it, but paper means nothing. This will be my first "real" half marathon. In 2006 I ran the Parks Half Marathon as a workout prior to the Army Ten Miler. I attempted to race this distance again LAST autumn but opted out due to injury. So I decided to race it during the winter. Again, I had to withdraw because of injury. My two attempts at the full marathon were admirable but not where I had hoped to be. Right now, I seem to race better at the 10 mile distances and have PR'd over that distance each of the three times I ran it; 53:22, 52:53, 52:37. Half Marathon is only 5k longer so this should be a good distance to conquer. As of late, I have a good amount of speed and have been fairing well in long runs (incld 3 x 20+). Last spring during Cherry Blossom, I definitely felt my endurance out on the race course and I'm hoping that it coupled with the leg speed I've done this past summer will help produce a good showing.
I am excited and thinking positive thoughts. It's going to get tough out there but it's going to get tough for everyone.
Easy 9-10 tonight. Easy 6-8 tomorrow. Showtime.

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