Sunday, April 19, 2015


My legs felt like hamburger on Monday; just beat up all the way around. That evening, I jogged and limped my way around Rock Creek Park. Downhills were especially painful. Not wanting to be a hero, I stopped short of my goal and only ran 7.5 miles. The only thing pleasant about the run was the fact that the smells, sounds and sights this time of year are just amazing. It's so nice to simply be outside.

On Tuesday morning, my legs, once again, felt heavy. I grinded out an easy 8.5 miles. It wasn't pretty. I picked up a box turtle that was crossing the trail in front of me. It must be that time of year...

By Wednesday, I was feeling better. I ran 9.5 miles around Cabin John. Although I wasn't as sore, I'm starting to get this stale feeling in my legs. I gotta to get in something quick soon, but first I got get back to feeling good.

I ran 8.5 miles on both Thursday and Friday never really feeling very hot. Again, just getting it in and trying to get through the sluggishness.

On Saturday, I ran an easy 10 miles, most of which was with Scott Koonce. A 50 year old woman tried to pick me up as she apparently had a thing for scrawny, shirtless red-heads. The weather was essentially perfect.

On Sunday, I met old Karl Dusen at Difficult Run. We ran to Great Falls, which was packed with people on yet another gorgeous day. The bluebells were out, to boot. After 10+ miles, I "dropped off" Karl back at the parking lot, then I proceeded to get in another out-and-back 5 miles going the other way. I rarely run this way, but hadn't rained in awhile and I knew the usually pockmarked trail would be dry. It was quite pleasant.

67.5 for the week, but no workouts. I am hoping to get something confidence-boosting and fast in on Wednesday. This coming weekend is the Pike's Peek 10k.

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