Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Close Call

Last weekend got away from me, and I forgot to post, but that doesn't mean there hasn't been a lot of drama in the world of the Red Fox as you will read below...

On Monday, 2/9, I got in an easy 7 before a host of contractors invaded Fox Hall to start work on my bathroom. I had to quickly jump in the shower and then get out of their way.

On Tuesday, I left the house at 7 and drove to The Line and got in 9 miles, entirely over trails. Great to run Rock Creek in the middle of a work week, which I will have to do while the bathroom is getting nuked.

On Wednesday, I parked along Jones Bridge Road near the trestle on the Georgetown Branch Trail. I wanted to get some speed in, but, truthfully, I didn't have a real plan. It was cold, so I ran a lengthy warm-up then started running 6:00 pace up the trail towards Bethesda. I turned around near the pool and ran the 2-mile section from there to Connecticut in 10:23. My right hamstring had been bothering me all morning, but I didn't think much of it. I crossed Connecticut and then started a 1/2 mile, but I was pretty spent and could only muster about 2:25. My hamstring nearly pulled and I had to try and stretch it on the cold, snowy ground...then I limped back to my car. I got in 10.

On Thursday, I explored the trails below the National Park Seminary, which I touch, to a degree, whenever I run the Walter Reed Annex Loop. I was amazed at all the strange architecture, which according to the reliable website Wikipedia is described as "eclectic and whimsical. In addition to various Victorian styles, exotic designs included a Dutch windmill, a Swiss chalet, a Japanese pagoda, an Italian villa, and an English castle." My hammy hurt from the get-go, and although it warmed up (a little), it never felt great, so I bagged it after 4 miles. I probably should have quit sooner, but I was distracted by my surroundings.

I decided to take the next few days off in order to let the hammy rest. It turns out I picked a good time to do it, since weather in Washington was terrible (-25 degs with windchill on Saturday).

I only got in 40 miles for the week.

On President's Day, I met The Outlaw at Old Anglers for an easy 7 mile "test" run. My hammy held up okay, but it was definitely hurting the last mile. It was in the single digits.

On Tuesday, it snowed about 4" and I wanted to go out and have fun in it. I got in an easy (and cautious) 7 miles. Hammy felt better than it did on Monday so I up-ticked the light stretching.

On Wednesday, I ran 7 -- again easy -- and continued the light stretching.

On Thursday, I ran 10 in the Wildwood Neighborhood/around NIH averaging 6:30s. Per the hammy, I pushed the downhills and relaxed on the uphills.

On Friday, it was 1 degree (-11 with wind) and I got in an easy 8 in the roads around Tilden.

On Saturday, much to my good fortune, the GRC Saturday practice was moved from the track to The Line, which is precisely where I was getting ready to run. The team was going to run a tempo and I decided I'd try to hang if my hammy cooperated. After a 5 mile warm-up, we flipped, hit our watches, and tempo-ed north back to The Line. A snow storm blew in and pelted us increasingly as we ran. After 3 miles at 5:25 pace, I picked it up on the uphill just south of The Line and then increased that tempo on the downhill (5:20). Nothing to write home about, but the hammy held up and I was happy to hang with the crew. 11 miles total. 

On Sunday, after the storm subsided, I met Sean and Scott at The Line for a "long" run. The going was dicey (and icy) for the first couple miles, but soon rising temps and the sun gave way to pavement. I only got in 12, but my body was feeling a little beat up from the effort. I was happy to call it a day.

62 for the week.

Once the hammy is feeling a lot better, I will try, again, to start the fast training.

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