Sunday, December 14, 2014

No Cross Country for Old Men

I forgot to post last week, but the one or two people who read this blog didn't miss much. In short, last week I got in 52 miles. Last Saturday, I did one final cross country workout with the GRC before the Club Cross Country Champs in Lehigh. Had I not injured my Achilles in September, and subsequently lost 6 weeks to on/off again training, I surley would have gone with them. As has been the case this fall, the workout at Cell Phone Field left me breathless, but it was clear I was making strides in the right direction.

This week, on Monday, I ran an easy 8 with Sam Luff. I tempted him to run more, but he reminded me he was tapering for Lehigh. Fine, I shrugged.

On Tuesday, I awoke to pouring rain, wind and temperatures that hovered around 40 degrees. Arguably the worst weather to run in. I almost went back to bed, but instead I took off hard in an effort to warm up and finish the run as fast as I could. After a mile warm-up, I essentially tempoed 5 miles - running 6 min pace through hilly neighborhoods. I ran my last mile in 5:41. Nothing to write home about, but the hills got my cardio going, so I suppose it was a good run.

On Wednesday,I ran a very slow 8 in Cabin John. Didn't see any critters.

On Thursday, I ran the Walter Reid Annex Trails and got in 11. I saw the old man.

On Friday, I got started late and only snuck in about 7.5 miles. I saw plenty of deer as well as two red foxes near the Garrett Park Train Station. That was cool.

On Saturday, I ran 14 with old Karl Dusen at Difficult Run. We took our time exploring - we found what we imagined must be an old moonshine still. Later, we bushwhacked through the woods and hit up some hilly roads that meandered past affluent homes north of Great Falls. Overall, our time was slow, but we spent a good deal amount of time on our feet, which is what I need right now.

On Sunday, I ran 11 at Seneca Creek State Park. I need to explore more here...

Overall, it was a good week. No workout, but I did get in 66 miles.

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