Sunday, June 1, 2014

Return of the Sun

After 3 weeks of sub-par running, it was time to get to training again...

On Monday (Memorial Day), I drove out to Riley's Lock. It was sunny and I started close to 10, so I was thankful for the canopy above the towpath. There were a lot of people taking advantage of the holiday so the towpath was much busier than usual. I was running 6:25s, but by the time I hit River Road, which offers no shade, it was quite warm so I dashed the 2 mile stretch back to the trails in 12:00. On my way back to the towpath, through the McKee-Beshers Wildlife Management area, I spied an object in one of the dirt fields. Having seen a snapping turtle laying eggs here in the past, I assumed it was another one. It was strange to see an aquatic creature baking like that in the middle of a dirty field, but I certainly wasn't going to move her. I finished the run up fairly quickly then headed home.

On Tuesday, I ran an easy 8+ with Luff and on Wednesday I ran an easy 8 by myself.

On Thursday, I ran 7+ from Katie's pad - Cabin John/Radio Tower Field loop.

I only ran 4 on Friday due to an early morning dentist appointment. I just wanted to get something in.

On Saturday, I met a bunch of dudes from the GRC at Edward's Ferry. Luke and Kieran were running 20, but the rest of us were running between 10 and 14, which is what I got in. I got pushed my last 4 miles - 5:30 pace - before calling it a day.

On Sunday, I met Wiggy, Luff and Murphy at The Line. I was hurting (from the night before!) and was still likely intoxicated 5 miles into my run. Soon all was well. Fun to run the old trails. 9.5 for the day.

I got in 64 miles for the week.

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