Monday, April 21, 2014

The Bluebells are Back

On Monday night, I ran 8.5 from The Line with Sam. We hit some new trails off Western Ridge and generally made a big loop back along the Valley Trail. My legs felt okay.

On Tuesday, I ran 8 in a deluge. I was literally soaked to the bone, but thankfully it wasn't cold out and, once I got moving, the rain felt somewhat refreshing. 

On Wednesday, I ran 9 hard in the hills of Chevy Chase/Parkwood. In the end I averaged 6:10s, but had a couple 5:40s in there - just hitting the hills, up and down, hard.

On Thursday, I was somewhat pressed for time and ran 8 at a good clip - 51:45.

On Friday, I ran 9 with...Wiggy (?) Yes, Wiggy - that's no typo. He had Good Friday off and it was fun times. 

On Saturday, I met Outlaw and Wiggy in West Potomac Park for 3 miles hard. Wiggy, not in great shape just yet, planned to hang for 2. I wanted to really get after it and hoped to crack 15:00. I hit mile 1 in 5:02, but slowed to 5:05 for 2. Outlaw was right on my hip, our elbows kissing at least 3 times during the tempo, and we did our best to throw ourselves forward, but I couldn't muster up a new gear and finished the tempo in 15:14. Meh. Truthfully, I never feel great doing these tempos out on Hains Point, but it's definitely a good workout. 11 for the day.

On Sunday, I ran 14 miles starting at Riverbend Park. I met some friends in the morning so I was forced to run in the early afternoon. I hoped to run at Difficult Run, but the parking lot was full, so I drove to Riverbend, just past Great Falls, which would be a good chance to explore some new trails. The park was literally packed - it was like a page out of a "Where's Waldo" book; families were barbecuing, walking dogs, running about, fishing...there was even a family playing cricket. My pace varied from 7:10s to 6:10s to 8:10 to nearly 9:00 miles, while fox-clawing my way up rocky passes. I haven't run a run like this in sometime - and I miss it. In addition, the bluebells were out (see photo above) and it really gives this place a magical feel. I encourage everyone to check this out before they're gone. Although I *only* ran 14, it felt as if I had run 18 and nearly every muscle in my legs felt worked by the end. 

67 for the week.

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