Sunday, October 20, 2013

Return to Normalcy

On Monday, I ran a solo 8 from the parking lot south of Old Angler's Inn down to some staircase 4 miles to the south, then traversed back to my parked car on MacArthur. 

On Tuesday, I ran a semi-hard 12 from Fox Hall to the Walter Reed Annex Trails. Miles 8-11 were 5:56, 5:56 and 5:42.

On Wednesday, I ran an easy 9 with Sam (and Karl?!) from Fox Hall down around NIH. As per usual, Karl wanted to "out-and-back," but Sam and I put our feet down and made the Virginian run the hills above Rock Creek back home.

On Thursday, I ran a slow, but arduous 7 miles just south of Scott's Run in Virginia. It's been a long time since I've run here. The trails are better than the Gold Mine Loop, just opposite the Potomac in Maryland, but one shouldn't run DOWN the hill. I saw two Hispanics panning for gold in Scott's Run. No joke.

On Friday, I ran with the Outlaw at Old Angler's Inn. It was a perfect fall day, but my damn knee was hurting me.

On Saturday, I trekked down to Alexandria early in the morn to run the St. Rita 5k. I'm in pathetic shape, but the only way to get back in shape is to press the thing. I went out in 4:55 and found myself in 7th pace. Jesus. Last year, the race was won in 17:02 and today there were 7 guys running 15:25 pace by mile 1. In any case, things slowed down, but I crept up to 5th place and in the last 1/4 mile made a move and secured 4th, just out of the money. 15:58. #loserville.

On Sunday, I ran from Tenleytown with Charlie and Scott to watch our team to compete at the Army Ten-Miler. I always dread runs like this - runs in which you're running, then stopping, then running - especially in the transition seasons when the weather is cool in the shade and warm under the sun. In any case, after five and a half hours, I finished up my 13 mile run.

I got in 67 for the week.

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