Monday, April 29, 2013

The End of the Spring Season

Last week was meant to be both a rest week and a build week, but I realized part way through that it would be impossible to do both.

On Monday, I ran an easy 6 with Christiam (?!) in the evening. It was good to catch up with my old running pal. We surmised it's been nearly 3-years since we met for a run. Wow!

The next morning I ran an easy 10. The Fox & Deer Trail is at its best this time of year - green, green, green!

On Wednesday I suffered through a 7.5 mile jog. I'm not sure I was tired, but I shut it down early as I didn't want to force it.

On Thursday I got in a measly 7. Again, just tired.

On Friday I met Koonce and together we got in 11 running down to, and around, the Walter Reid Annex trails. The highlight of the run was the beaver we saw motoring its way down Rock Creek.

I took Saturday off as I had to wake up rather early and get on the road. Destination: New York City to participate in Outlaw's bachelor party. That's all I will say about that.

On Sunday, Lavar, Outlaw and a couple of his old teammates ran a hungover 9.5 miles around Queens. I think that's where we were. I had no idea.

So, it wasn't a great week mileage-wise, but I certainly got some rest. Since I hadn't worked out, I decided to get after it on Monday, because I had the day off from work. My plan was to run 2-miles at 5k pace...or as hard as I could, whatever I could muster. I drove down to Old Anglers and warmed up for 4 miles along the ole towpath. Geese and goslings were everywhere, it seemed. Even I, the mean, tough, pipsqueak-squeezing Red Fox let out a compassionate "awww" while jogging past a couple of cute yellow fuzzballs who found refuge underneath the tailfeathers of their parents.  Spring has sprung for sure.

Anyways, I did a couple of strides and some butt kicks then got after it. I took a couple of quick glances at my GPS to ensure I was running fast enough, but then decided to run entirely by feel. I hit the mile in 4:50, but it didn't feel as easy as I would have liked. I set my workout up so that I'd finish next to Great Falls, which offers a few bumps in the towpath and I hoped those bumps might break me out of any funk. A quick glance at my GPS indicated I was slowing down so did my best to toughen up in the last half mile. I finished up in 9:45, which was a little worse than what I was expecting, but I was thankful that I had gotten something hard in nearly a week out from my next race.

The remainder of the week, leading up to the Broad Street Ten Miler on Sunday, will be devoted to rest and recovery. It's (likely) my last race of the spring season and, after my performance at the Pike's Peek 10k last weekend, I hope to run a personal best when I toe the line in Philadelphia.

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